Hiroshima Notebooks, by Kenzaburo Oé. (Second Issue)

(Versión en español de esta entrada y este artículo más arriba)

6 de Agosto, 8:15 de la mañana. La vida se detuvo en Hiroshima tal como lo muestra este reloj de pulsera. Foto: AP. Archivo de las Naciones Unidas.“I escaped death miraculously but I thought that I should help the defenseless citizens that were injured. I could not stand on my own feet and my son, a medical student from that epoch, carried me on his back to the East Police Station. There he pulled out a chair and sat me. Afterwards, he raised the Rising Sun Flag in a flagpole that was next to our improvised help point. From that moment on, we started working together with three nurses and other people from the neighborhood that were in conditions to help.”
(Testimony from Yoshimasa Matsusaka, a doctor that survived the atomic bomb.)

On August 9, 1945, three days after the nuclear bombarding over Hiroshima, the United States detonated the nuclear weapon code-named Fat man over Nagasaki. On August 15, the Japanese Emperor broadcasted an unconditional surrender announcement. Therefore, World War II concluded. On a new anniversary of these tragic dates, Pequeños Universos presents its second and last issue about the Hiroshima Chronicles, by Kenzaburo Oé, which contains testimonies from the hibakusha, the atomic bomb survivors.

Read the article Hiroshima Notebooks, by Kenzaburo Oé. (Second Issue) written by Francisco Laborde



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