Hiroshima Notebooks, by Kenzaburo Oé. (First Issue)

(Versión en español de esta entrada y este artículo más arriba)

nagasaki_boyAfter six months of bombarding intensively 67 cities of the Japanese Empire, Harry Truman, the United States President, activated the Manhattan Project. He ordered to launch nuclear weapons over Japan, and on August 6, 1945, the uranium bomb code-named Little Boy was dropped on Hiroshima.

Robert Lewis, Enola Gay’s copilot, the Boeing B-29 bomber that dropped the atomic bomb Little Boy, wrote in his diary: “a purple light expanded until it became an enormous and blinding fireball. Its core temperature was 50 million degrees. (…) The cockpit was illuminated with an odd light. It was like a peep into hell. Then, the shock wave followed, an air mass so compressed that it seemed solid (…) When the shock wave stroke the plane, Tibbets [the pilot] and I hold tight to the controls. He [the pilot] raised the plane to its maximum height. The mushroom had already risen to a height of 1 mile, and was still boiling upwards like something terribly alive. The city was underneath all that. My God, what have we done?”

On the anniversary of this, maybe the greatest human tragedy of all time, Pequeños Universos submits the first of two consecutive issues about the Hiroshima Chronicles, by the recognized Japanese writer Kenzaburo Oé. In these chronicles, Oé rescued testimonies from the hibakusha, the atom bomb survivors. A chronicle,  ground level literature, a true story, a detailed portrait, a loudspeaker for the victims.

Read the article Hiroshima Notebooks, by Kenzaburo Oé. (First Issue) written by Francisco Laborde


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